Why CarRealtime© ?

Because We Will Make you Save Money

Boosting Productivity · Increasing Profitability · Reducing Operational Fleet Costs by 15-20%

*Estimated on Real Case Results from Average Fleets Tested by Gothenburg, Sweden (Fleet Management 2016)

11 Paths to Save Money


CarRealtime© IOT – Fleet Management System

1. Real-Time-Tracking (GPS, LBS & LDIS)

GPS Real -Time Tracking & Driving Behaviour Speeding or Other Risky Driver Behaviors helps you Reduce Driver Accidents and Avoid Fines and Violations. Accurate Speed and Location Reports Can Verify ID Driver & Behaviors and Prevent Wrong Usage.


Benefits: Makes your Business more Dynamic, Efficient, Safer and Smarter, Connecting Assets for Real-Time-Tracking with Precise Data and Mapping Dashboards of Vehicles and Staff. No more Surprises on Vehicles Violations and Unexpected Traffic Tickets. Lowering Car Insurance Premiums.


30 Days - Free Trial

2. Automatic Driver’s Journal & Mileage Log

CarRealtime© Delivers Fast and Detailed Dashboards (export to Xcel, PDF) with All History Data of your Trips, Vehicles on Road, Where and When they Move and How they Did It.


Benefits: Maximize Tax Deductions, Keep Drivers on Road Instead of Writing Extended Reports, and Avoid Log Errors on Reports
30 Days - Free Trial

3. Safe & Secure Business

Being in Totally Control (GPS Real-Time) with your Fleet Helps Prevent Drivers from Getting Lost in Remote Location in non-pleasant hours.


Benefits: Protected and Safer Fleet Drivers
30 Days - Free Trial

4. Driving Behaviour

All-Round View of Your Fleet. You Control the Fuel Efficiency, Idling Time, Speeding, Harsh Driving, Benchmark Driver Behavior and Prevent Accidents etc…


Benefits: Encourage Responsible Driving, Decrease Fuel Usage, Expenses and Waste in General
30 Days - Free Trial

5. Live Chat & Tasks & Optimized Routes

Up-to-Date Traffic and other Near Real-Time Alerts Help your Vehicles Get on their Destiny on Time and Safe. Integrated Messaging to Easily Assign Tasks, Set Due Date and Time. Monitor your Customer Service Level in Real-Time Viewing Delivery Duration and Possible Delay.


Benefits: Increased, Boosted and Gained On-Time Delivery %, Repeated Business, Customer Service and Referrals from Existing Customers

30 Days - Free Trial

6. Fleet Maintenance & Diagnostics

Proactive servicing (DTC engine codes), Use Remotely Engine Diagnostic Alerts, Proactive Service Reminders, and Automatic Tracking of Vehicle Service Records to Optimize Maintenance Processes.


Benefits: Reduce the Risk of Costly Repairs, and Minimize Vehicle Downtime, Keeping Trucks on the Road.

30 Days - Free Trial

7. Reports

Analytics Detailed Fleet KPIs: Dashboards Insights, Mileage Covered (Km/miles), Engine Hours, Days Utilized, Number of Trips


Benefits:  Improved Fleet Efficiency. 100% Improved Dispatching & Route Management



30 Days - Free Trial

8. Google Maps

Detailed Fleet Maps up to 11 Different Layers and Skins to Be Up-to-Date in Real-Time Traffic, Terrain and Streets Will Provide the Data to Dispatchers Need to Optimize Routing Decisions Helping Them on Delivery.


Benefits: Better Customer Service, Gain on Response Delivery Time and Reduce Fuel Usage.
30 Days - Free Trial

9. Geofences and Real-Time Tracking (GPS)

Geofences Alerts to non-Authorized Vehicle Usage (for personal use). Help Reduce Vehicle Theft, Reduced Idling Time, Decrease Miles Driven, and Regularly Scheduled


Benefits: Extend Vehicle Life and Control Costs.
30 Days - Free Trial

10. KPIs Reports & Analytics

Extended and Detailed Fleet Tracking Insights, Including Travel Time, Miles Driving, Total Trips, Engine Hours, Days Utilized, Max. Speed, Average Speed, Idling Time and More. Customizable KPIs Reports.


Benefits: Help to Improve, Enhance and Organize Fleet Service and Delivery Routes.
30 Days - Free Trial

11. Robust Automotive IOT- Fleet Management Platform.

Improved Routing and Dispatching. Reduce Hours Driving and Over Costs. Real Time Tracking & Control of Driving Behavior Generates Productive & Safer Drivers.


Benefits: Reduce Overtime Hours and Labor Costs

30 Days - Free Trial
CarRealtime© IOT - Fleet Management Solution

The Smartest Way to Run a Better Business at Your Business.

Boosting Productivity · Increasing Profitability · Reducing OPEX (15-20%).



GPS Fleet Management – IOT – M2M


Upgraded Customer Service


Vehicle Theft Support


Reduced Harmful Emissions (Green-House CO2)


Enriched Safe Driving


Gained on Fleet Efficiency


24/7  Support

30 Days - Free Trial

Saving Money Across All Industries

Reducing OPEX (15-20%) · Making Customers Happy · Keeping Drivers on Daily Tasks · Optimizing Time in His/Your Agenda.

Based on Subscription Model: No Up-Front Fee · ROI from the 1st Month · World Wide Connectivy to Use the Service Globally

Construction, Utilities, Field Service

CarRealtime© is Key to reach and remain on a high level of customer service and simultaneously keeping operational costs down. With the data needed to analyze your fleet performance and the correct tools to manage fleet efficiency, you can now Track vehicles, Route responsively, control maintenance and repair costs, reduce downtime and Improve your fleet performance and Business efficiency.

Transportation, Delivery

CarRealtime© for Distribution and Transportation. Make sure your distribution and transportation gets there in time, every time. The management of a transportation fleet business requires high efficiency to assure the merchandise or passengers reach their destination on time. With the correct tools for your fleet management you will increase recurrent business opportunities by increasing the safety for your customers and improving the Business efficiency.

Government, Other Industries…

The Governments are highly pressured by reduced budgets, shrinking fleet size and environmental goals and legislation to reduce Greenhouse emissions. With the correct tools and data provided CarRealtime© makes it easier to manage all these aspects of your fleet performance and to achieve the Governmental Efficiency Goals. Save Time & Money – Lower Greenhouse Emissions – Reach Efficiency Targets.

Praised by Industry Experts

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 100% Great Experience – 100% Highly Recommended

CarRealtime©  Tracking Solutions >>

>> Smart Phone

Two APPS, Great Possibilities

• From Small to Big Businesses.

• Use your Own Smartphone Data-Plan.

• Real-Time Tracking,  Trip, Assign Tasks, Live Messaging and Much More…

   To Track Smartphones                        To Track Cars

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30 days - Free Trial

The OBD Vehicle Tracking Device Of The Future

• Compact Design Plug & Drive Real Time,

• Vehicle Status Monitoring from OBD Port,

• World Wide Connectivity – 4G LTE

Add to order >>
Learn more >>

Plans & Pricing

All Plans include a 30 Days – Free Trial

  • Lite
    • $ 2.50 Billed Anually 30$ - Only 1 Vehicle, SmartPhone or Asset Active*
    • Limited Features

      • Distance, Trips
      • Intuitive Control of Expenses
      • Optimize Taxes to Pay and Improve Pay Backs from Government…and more.
      • Keylogger-OB11 Fee for Lite $139
      • << learn more >>

    • Try it Now
Most Popular
  • Business
    • $ 10.75 Billed Anually 129$ or $13.90 Per Vehicle / Month
    • Perfect for Small to Medium Scale Business


      • Real-Time Tracking, Location & Roll Back in Time, Playback Former Movements and Events
      • Geofencing, Pro Reports, Task & Messaging
      • and much more…
      • Keylogger-OB11 Fee for Business $99
      • << learn more >>

    • Try it Free - 30 days
  • Enterprise
    • $ 13.25 Billed Anually $159 or $16.90 Per Vehicle / Month
    • Scalable, Secure Fleet Solution for Larger Organizations

      • Key Insights, Drive a Better Business.
      • Dashboard with your Own KPIs, enrich Key Telemetry Data
      • API Access and Much, much more…
      • Keylogger-OB11 Fee for Enterprise $99
      • << learn more >>


      Call for quote

      +46 76.397.7951



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